Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New Links

Rip Track postings have been a little thin, lately. Work is getting a bit busy. That's good news!

But I have had a little time to uncover a couple of interesting links.

The first is written by a daily commuter on the Long Island. All the delays and red blocks are noted in the Blog Railroad Hell. No postings have been made since October. I hope nothing serious has happened. Patience is a virtue, indeed.

Second is a well written effort on Amtrak, specifically commuting between Philly and New York. So far, it is the only Blog I have found that treats Amtrak like the CTA Tattler treats the CTA, or Oh Metro treats WMATA. The blog is concentrated on the Northeast Corridor, but the viewpoint sheds light on the current condition of Amtrak as it impacts thousands of riders. Go to the cleverly named Amtraktrack Blog.

Finally, on a more official note, I discovered a site that tabulates election outcomes from around the country as they relate to transportation issues. You have to wade thru some bus related stuff, but the summary is worth it. It's at the Center for Transportation Excellence site.

I've been thinking about what can be done to put Amtrak on tangent track and zero cross level. A couple of thoughts may be worth someone else's time, so hopefully in the next few days I can write them in some intelligent fashion that might provoke some positive thinking.


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