Monday, November 14, 2005

Amtrak Board versus US House re: David Gunn

Read this article that appeared in the New York Times. There is a lot of detail concerning the makeup, authority, and future of Amtrak's Board.

As noted here last week, and by others as well, the fun is just beginning.

UPDATE 9:30am November 15, 2005:

Trainweb has a copy of a letter sent to Mr. David Laney, Chair of the Amtrak Board of Directors from the U. S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. The first line reads, "We write to express our outrage at the Amtrak Board of Directors' decision to fire . . . David Gunn earlier today." The rest of the letter is just as intriguing.



Mr. Mineta: Firing This Gunn Will Backfire!


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