Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday Morning III

Once, ABC Sports was the trendsetter and leader when it came to the look and presentation of their product. No more. Especially considering ABC College Football.

Are ABC and ESPN linked somehow? Maybe just financially? Well then, some of the ABC Execs need to get into the production room of ESPN and see how to better keep the interest of their audience.

How? Let's say you're watching a college football game on ABC. Maybe you are interested in other games besides the one you are watching. So you look for updates. Forget it on ABC. ESPN, yes. CBS, yes, both the SEC coverage on Saturday, and the NFL coverage on Sunday! And, horror of horrors, even NBC has at least crawlers with updated scores while you watch Notre Dame home games.

What happens? I bet alot of people, myself included, surf to other networks to keep better informed with key Saturday games. ABC loses viewers. Sponsors lose viewers.

Someday, one of the ratings devices will spit out some numbers that will grab the attention of the decision makers, either at ABC or their big sponsors. More than likely, nothing happens to improve ABC's product until then.



Monday Morning II
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