Wednesday, October 12, 2005

No FRA Report, no David Gunn at AREMA

In spite of all the good things at AREMA's '05 Conference, there was one big disappointment. Mr. David Gunn, President and CEO of Amtrak, did not speak before the Annual Luncheon. Too bad. I cannot imagine a more friendly group for this particular speaker.

As is tradition at AREMA, whoever is President of the organization will ask the CEO of his employing company or agency to speak at the Annual Luncheon. So this year, Mr. Walt Heide, President of AREMA and a Director at Amtrak, would ask his CEO, Mr. Gunn. As has been the case in previous years, it is almost always a worthwhile speech, and most members make a point of attending to hear what someone of such stature has to say.

Mr. Gunn might have revealed some of his thoughts about his differences with Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta. He would have had alot of sympathy at AREMA, I'm sure.

I can understand how his time was better spent elsewhere. So I understand, but I'm still disappointed.

And hearing a report from the FRA would have been interesting, too, although there probably would have been much more bureaucratic spin with this talk.

Maybe next year.


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