Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday Morning IV

Country Pundit has a new web address, and a new look to his fine Blog. This is the updated link, and it has been updated over on the right as well.

One recent Country Pundit post has to do with NCAA Football, and there are several observations of the sort that make College Football so much fun. But I have to comment about his notation that LSU's victory over Alabama was a bad thing.

Some were amazed that Alabama was ranked #3 last week in several polls. The often heard comment was that the Crimson Tide probably wouldn't rank third in either the Pac Ten or the Big Ten, or even the SEC East, for that matter!

Remember how just three weeks ago the so-called experts were wondering what was going to happen with the BCS, because surely there would be at least four if not five unbeaten teams. The cream has risen to the top, and it looks like, once again, it will be the Pac Ten versus the Big Twelve for the National Title.



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