Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ridership Still Going Up!

Rip has discussed this earlier. Even so, the riders just keep on coming, especially in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Here's the story according to Railway Age.

True enough that Rip has been less than kind to DART in the past, their ridership is a success story.

Their relationship with Trinity Rail Express is symbiotic, to be sure. So, not surprisingly TRE is experiencing growth as well. One contributing factor is the ridiculously low fare to transfer from one to the other. Metroplex residents are clearly taking advantage!

On another note, a forum in Flyertalk mentions how Amtrak's Acela is doing quite well, too. The forum specifically addresses the Boston to New York portion of the run, a segment that has been criticized for being slower than planned. But, the point is that it is all good news.

It is clear that the traveling public is embracing rail transportation. The question we all hear more and more now, can the rail industry respond by updating old facilities and building new infrastucture? Good question! We'll talk more later!


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