Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Isn't It Time for This Year's Rippers?

Yes, but . . . . .

When the idea for the Rippers came about, it seemed logical to mention in an on-line format both the good and the bad of the Transit Agency Community. The goal was noble enough, maybe some positive and negative reaction would benefit all of us. Sort of a "rising tide lifts all boats" way of thinking.

I was also aware that you had your nominees for these awards, as did I. The problem is, I never heard about yours! Except on one or two occasions.

Not only that, but lately it seems that the quality common denominator of Construction Documents from almost all of these Transit Agencies is going down rather than up. These dastardly downward cosmic forces are clearly more powerful than a simple blog-created award.

Therefore, the Ripper, as the coveted award it was, is going away. That doesn't mean that comments directed toward transit agencies, whether nasty or supportive, are going away. It just means that they will be more informal, and done on a more frequent basis than annually.

Just to set the record straight, here is a "Ripper" . . .

. . . from Rutt's Hut in Clifton, New Jersey!

Long may these Rippers be served!


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