Friday, April 14, 2006

New Links to Transit Blogs

I thought I was keeping up on these blogs, but a recent search revealed many of which I was unaware. I am linking to them on the right, and noting them below. Select your favorite city and have a look.

Portland, Oregon: This is a good, up-to-date review of what goes on with the extensive Tri-Met Light Rail System, as well as their busses. Tri-Met was just out of the running for a "Best Agency Ripper" last July. Maybe a review of this blog will elevate them this summer.

San Jose, California (VTA): People are frustrated enough with VTA that there are two blogs! One is current and written by a citizen, the other seems to be more infrequent, but written by an insider. Together, they both justify last July's "Worst Agency Ripper" Award.

General Transit Blog: The grabber says, "Transportation for the Masses" and it is that for sure. There are many articles of interest from all over.

Salt Lake City (UTA): Now that Utah is following up a very successful Light Rail Operation with a Commuter Rail effort, it will be interesting to keep up with current developments in Utah. Once again, by reading this blog we will learn whether last July's "Ripper for Best Agency" Award was justified to UTA.

Boston (The "T"): This Blog has a rather ominous title. Bad Transit, indeed! Read about the Boston situation and make up your own mind.

Hopefully, these sites will link back to Riptrack, but regardless, they will be read.


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