Monday, March 13, 2006

Off to TTCI

And just as I noted before, the weather in Pueblo in March will make you wonder whether to pack a golf shirt or a parka!

So right on cue, the weather in Denver was apparently pretty nasty over the past weekend. So maybe flying into Colorado Springs is the best idea this year. Hopefully, things will clear up and be reasonably nice for the trackwalk on Wednesday morning.

The TTCI sets on the High Plains about twenty-five miles northeast of Pueblo. Weather systems come and go like minor conference entries during March Madness.

Tuesday will feature the usual lineup of interesting items seen at the TTCI Reasearch Review. Special Trackwork and Reduced Impact Track have often led to much discussion in past years.

I'll see if any progress has been made on increasing the life of rail crossing diamonds, and let you know of any other developments, too.


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