Friday, January 06, 2006

More on the Amtrak Board Appointments

Progressive Railroading has today's reactions from Congress and the Unions. These are reactions you would pretty much expect, but the questions are salient. Don't buy the nonsense that the President is a dictator, or worse, as you can read on some blogs. Bush is simply filling the void left by Congress with its inaction. Hopefully, some action will occur out of one or both Chambers of Congress.

TCP has some thoughts in the Comments Section of yesterday's Rip Track posting. He doesn't want to overreact to these two appointees, but joins many of us who would like to see real railroaders getting on the Amtrak Board instead.

What astounds me even more that these back door appointments, or whatever non-action Congress takes, is how Norman Mineta keeps singing the song that this is all being done for the good of Amtrak. Apparently, he still uses the ploy currently in vogue by some politicos of saying something often and long enough that it eventually is seen as truth. Not this time, Norman!


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At 10:55 AM, December 25, 2009, Blogger Paul said...

Everybody seems to have something to say when it comes to board appointments , and this is not the same as to have moment in the final decision of who is going to be promoted to this coveted position.


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