Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Conservative's View of Public Transit

Are you a conservative who has a tough time reconciling your belief that Transit Funding is a good thing? Read this comment written by Representative Rick Geist in Mass Transit Magazine. He nails it. You don't have to feel torn any longer.


At 11:00 AM, July 06, 2005, Blogger Dennis Jaffe said...

"Hear, Hear," Congressman Geist! As a self-described "progressive who borrows from both conservative and libertarian ideologies," I see much of the appeal of a strong public transportation system as neither liberal nor conservative -- or as both.

When designed and managed well, mass transit helps people get from Point A to Point B efficiently and safely, while reducing the need to replace green with asphalt -- and reducing traffic.

Obviously, the environmental movement is largely driven by liberal ideology, despite the heart of environmentalism being to "conserve" natural resources.

I believe that it is less the case that the movement is founded in liberalism than it runs smack into examples of excess of short-sighted capitalism.

As Geist points out, a strong public transportation system serves as an engine of economic growth. I would add that that applies in the long-term. I submit that those who want to capitalize financially especially in the short-term are not as apt at seeing the value -- the public and the private value -- of a strong public transportation system.


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