Monday, April 30, 2007

All Work and No Play . . .

. . . means no blogging! No fun at all. Work has been that frantic. It is still very much a "Sellers' Market" in railroad material. Result? Everyone is slammed. My company cannot produce enough material to answer all the Requests for Quotations that are now being received.

But it still is fun to notice how Railroads and their Suppliers have suddenly become the Apple of Wall Street's eye. Warren Buffett buys a hugh stack in Burlington Northern Santa Fe, and the next think you know, Jim Cramer is talking about Trinity Industries, American Railcar Industries, in addition to UP and CSX. It's a heady time.

In the meantime, along the lines of "let's take a break from the fray, I pass along this website, especially if you are like me. Certain misspellings drive me crazy, like "seperate" where "separate" is correct, or "definate" instead of "definite". If you think of yourself as an overachieving speller, try the test at this site. It is fun, and you might be surprised!


At 5:23 AM, May 01, 2007, Blogger 74WIXYgrad said...

Let's not also forget other sales, like Pohl corporation and Cleveland Track Material(my employer) to Vossloh AG.


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