Thursday, October 19, 2006

Election 2006

Everyone has something to say about elections and the political process, especially during these days leading up to an election. And so do I.

I get extremely frustrated when politicians attempt to take the moral "high-ground". Makes no difference, Republican or Democrat. Candidates from both parties routinely do this during speeches and as part of advertising campaigns. But most voters are now becoming aware that no politician or party has a right to claim an elevation that places them on a higher righteous plateau than the opposition. Just remember, politicians rank somewhere between Used Car Salesmen and Lawyers in most polls concerning ethics.

A very wise political observer once shared with me a very salient observation. It goes like this: "There are only two types of politicians, and it isn't Republican or Democrat, or Liberal or Conservative; one politician has been elected, and the other politician wants to be elected. It's as simple as that." Many elections later, I have learned how simple and brilliant this observation is.

Nothing more needs to be written on Rip Track concerning this election.


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