Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Reactions to Random Searches on Transit

A check of various websites reveals a great deal. Now that NJ Transit and PATH are starting random searches, the public seems "unruffled", at least according to this and this. Apparently searches centered around Penn Station in Newark, Secaucus, and Trenton.

Read what James P. Pinkerton of Newsday has to say, scroll down to the last sentence for some common sense here. The key word is "easy".

As I begin to digest all of the reaction to these random searches, I wondered if the ACLU wasn't rearing its unwelcomed head. Sure enough, this article in the NY Daily News has some information.

Not all Agencies are following this pattern. SEPTA in Philadelphia, and the four major agencies in the Bay Area, BART, Caltrain, VTA, and MUNI are not.

Some are now coming out to echo what I mentioned several days ago, that there is no way that more money can buy security, at least not right now. Some even have written about the possibility of Patron Security! Makes sense to me.


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