Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It's just not sexy

Important, but not sexy. Mr. Mineta cannot hold attention like Mr. Jackson. Amtrak fades in comparison with Gitmo. And how can a quote from Mr. Gunn stir the emotions quite like a quote from Mr. Dean? The answer, it can't. But that does not diminish the importance of the issues of Transit Funding, Commuter Rail, and Amtrak.

Unfortunately, I discovered a blogger who has given up trying to raise some of these issues. Too bad. We need more people who point out that it takes more government agencies to build a light rail project than it took to send a man to the moon. This blogger did that, and more. As he said in his last post, maybe he tried to cover too much.

Another blogger who is doing a great job in a limited arena is Thirdrail. He concentrates on The Washington DC Metro. That's OK. The issues apply to almost all other agencies, too. Only the jargon changes to protect the innocent.

Give Thirdrail a read. I will. Often. That is why Thirdrail is now linked.


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