Monday, April 11, 2005

Transportation Infrastructure is not political!

At least as far as the voters are concerned. Check out suburban Denver, the metro Phoenix area, and suburban San Francisco. Your recognition of those three areas comes with the association of which Presidential Candidate they each went for in 2004. Two went Bush, one went Kerry. Two would be considered conservative, one liberal. Two voted in favor of taxes for Transportation Projects, one voted against. And in all cases, the two were the same, as was the one.

The meaning of all this? Simply that voters realize that the funding of transportation infrastructure should be decided upon based on each project's respective merits, rather than the perception that taxes or smaller government are always something liberals are for, and conservatives are against.

This is a good thing. It is an encouraging thing. Planners can plan, builders can build, and we can all benefit from new transportation infrastructure, planned and built without the polarity that is emblematic of today's government.


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